"Spicy Teacher " BYB Coin Promo

The spicy teacher returns to campus!

[Spicy Teacher]
The movie will release in Taiwan on 30th August , the students are ready to get in on bus , Are you ready?!

Now, users of the BYB Coin can exchange 100 pieces of BYB coin for ONE movie ticket of "Spicy Teacher", with movie posters and commemorative green shopping bags (total worth NTD650).

Belong to the bloody memories of youthfulness, this summer, the spicy teacher once again returned to the campus! "Spicy Teacher" is a collection which familiar with the original - Xie Zuwu, Lin Meixiu, Jiukong, Jingang, Liu Cha, etc., returning to the big screen, but also joined Zeng Yitong, Du Jixiang, Chen Mu, Tang Lun, Ge Wei, Zeng Xian Mo, Wu Zikai, Liang Yichen and other new generation actors, that you cant missed out in this Summer holiday.


Only 50 places (only for Taiwan users) T&C apply

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