Biliex Exchange

How to place orders (sell or buy)

Step 1:

  1. Log into the WTF trading platform with your official website login credentials (e.g. email address)
  2. Once login, fill in your mobile number
  3. Once you get the phone verification code, please bind your email address
  4. After the verification is successful, you can proceed to buy/sell
  5. Select BYB in your page and press "+" to place the order

Step 2:

  1. Select Trading Country
  2. Choose to Sell or Buy
  3. Select the asset you want to trade (BYB)
  4. Select your country/region currency:
    • CNY (China)
    • MYR (Malaysia)
    • TWD (Taiwan)
  5. Click to continue and move on to the next step

Step 3::

  1. Enter the number of assets you want to trade with minimum of 0.01 BYB
  2. Enter the unit price of your asset. Standard is calculated as 1 BYB
    (The currency exchange rate is based on the previous page selection)
    (price cannot be lower than 20%)
  3. This operation is based on the real-time exchange rate to determine the price, the adjustment can be greater than or less than the percentage of market price
  4. Enter the quantity limit for each transaction. Assume that 2 BYB coin is sold, you can set the quantity for each transaction with the credit limit of 0.1 BYB. Then the buyer must purchase 0.1BYB or more to trade with you.
  5. Click to continue and move on to the next step
* The company will be exempted from handling fees for the first six months

Step 4:

  1. The seller's setting is to limit the buyer's remittance at a limited time, otherwise the system will automatically cancel the transaction.
  2. The buyer setting is to provide a message to the seller to know the buyer's remittance time
  3. The seller setting is provide the payment method to the buyer. You can add it here or select it the information you created before.
  4. The buyer setting is to provide sellers with information on which payment methods are convenient for the buyer to pay to the seller
  5. Click to continue and move on to the next step

Step 5:

  1. The transaction time setting is to help you to manage your pending orders. You can select the dates for which you are convenient, and select the free time period. The system will automatically not let anyone to trade with you when you do not set the time.
  2. After clicking continue, then your order is placed successful.

Step 6:

Select a trading partner and click send to place order.

How to buy or sell

Select a pending order you want to purchase

Enter the quantity to be purchased (not less than the specified limit)

Check the seller’s payment method and seller’s trading time to ensure the seller can trade with you immediately

After clicking buy, the message above will prompt, read in detail and paid within the specified time.

Confirm seller payment information and make payment

You must upload your payment voucher to complete the payment process.

After the payment is completed, just wait for the seller to confirm the transaction and the transaction will be successful.

Check buyer information

View payment proof uploaded by buyers

View payment proof uploaded by buyers

When the payment is confirmed, click to release to the buyer

After confirmation, click confirm to release to buyer

The seller confirmed received the remittance that means the transaction is successful.

Biliex Exchange

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